ABOUT MY WORK - Simone Kamm Lichtobjekte
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About This Project


It’s important for me that people find my work both inspiring and moving, in that the work gently touches their soul and makes them more open to their own emotions, imagination, and personal development. 
My work is best viewed and appreciated at a gut level. When viewing my work, people are often struck by the warmth and sense of well being it creates in them.

It never ceases to amaze me how deeply those who view my work are affected by the topics and issues that I address in it. That said, my main goal is not to bring any particular issue to the viewer’s attention, but instead to unleash something in the viewer that will enable her to grapple with the issues raised in my work on her own, and with the thoughts, feelings and emotions that my work induces in her.
In this process, images that the viewer has in her head will hopefully be externalized and become understandable. 
Thus the reach of the creative process extends far beyond the artwork itself, taking on a life of its own in the onlooker.

When I do commissions, I first need to visit the place where the work will be installed, so that I can get a first hand impression of what the space is like. This ensures that the artwork (i.e. the outcome of the overall concept) will be in harmony with its environs, and will have a positive impact on the atmosphere of the space and the people who use it. 
In creating my artworks, I draw extensively on formal training in the psychology of colors and on Asian teachings such as chakra theory. 
Improvisational creation and spontaneous expression are vital to my work. Artistic representation of my inner world creates an inner tension that affords me the opportunity to transform an inner dialogue into an external one. 
Making art with handmade paper affords me the opportunity to translate my emotions and experiences into pictorial representations. Paper – along with ecologically sustainable organic and recycled materials such as fabric, wax, wood and metal that have been “liberated” from their original settings – enables me to create light sculptures, pictures, collages and objects. 
In this process, the materials I use as an artistic medium lose their customary bland inexpressiveness. For by combining these materials in unusual ways, what were once mundane materials are able to reach new levels of expressiveness, in that the materials react to, harmonize with, or form contrasts with each other.